Photo Books

Photobooks are an essential part of today’s wedding photography. It is the ultimate way to showcase your beautiful day. We offer only the highest quality photobooks to our clients.  Included in our packages are what we call Designer Albums… these are no ordinary photobooks – they are show pieces…

Our Designer Albums are presented in a high quality Wibalin box – you have the option to upgrade your box. Upgrades available are a wooden box, linen box (yes material covered) or personalized printed box… all fabulous choices!

Our main Bridal Album is 30cm x 40cm, printed on the highest quality genuine photographic paper – and we have not forgotten about keeping the rest of the family happy either, our Parent Albums are just as beautiful and high quality than your main album. The Parent Albums included in our packages are 15cm X 20cm and the print inside is an exact replica of the main album. Albums included in our packages have 50 pages / 25 spreads – with the option to add extra pages if you feel you want to add more of your gorgeous pictures…

What makes a Designer Album so special is that they are layflat – this means that the album can open up completely flat – and your image can be printed from left to right without loosing some of the image in the middle where the binding is.

Pages are printed on genuine photographic paper and mounted on a 140gms board.

Our packages include Genuine Leather Cover’s in either Black or Brown… or….

You have the option to upgrade to a Personalised Perspex Combo cover – this is a custom printed cover with a piece of perspex laminated on top of the print. The bottom and side of the album is still genuine leather.

Another fabulous little product is what we call a Friends Book – at 10cm x 14cm this little magazine style book is also an exact replica of your main album design… only difference is this little guy will comfortably fit in your handbag and is perfect as gifts for the rest of the family as it is a price-wise little number that is sure to keep everyone smiling  from Grandma to your Cousin… and mom can carry one in her handbag as well… you never know who you might run into when you feel the need to show off your gorgeous wedding and these guys are just the tool to do it. These are sold per book or as a set of 9 and can also be used as Invitations…. Hmmm have I just sparked an Idea….:-)

For the bridal couple that have to stretch their budget we offer the traditional Coffee Table photook. The main Bridal Album is A3 and the Parent albums are A4. With a persoanlised printed hard cover, or leatherette cover options.

These albums are printed on 200gms paper – and come in a matt finish or if you can add a UV varnish finish – this finish makes the pages shiny.

The Coffee table album is not a layflat album. This album is also popular to be used as a Guest album – we use your photographs from your engagement shoot at print them in the album, leaving enough empty space for guests to leave you a message.

To keep things simple and easier to understand we have included a small selection of products in our packages – however our packages are completely customizable – so if you feel you would rather like a square album than a rectangular one, or you would like your album printed on art paper rather than photographic paper – let me know and I will quote you! The selection the printers offer are ginormous… so for the sake of keeping things simple we have included the most popular products in our packages. Let me know what your dreams are and I will see if I can make them come true.









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