Nanine & Tersius

Nanine & Tersius might have unknowingly chosen the coldest day this winter to tie the knot… I really felt so bad for Nanine when we where taking their Bridal Portraits …. you could see she was freezing… even I had difficulty to change the settings on my camera as my hands where dumb from the cold… Even though it was a freezing day their wedding was beautiful. I am always kind of weary when I hear someone choosing blue as their wedding colour… I always see images of a rugby ball and a Blue Bulls flag when I hear blue… don’t know why… but that’s what I think of (and I don’t even watch rugby…strange hey…)   I can confess that Nanine hit the blue theme on the head… and their decor was gorgeous! It was a true DIY wedding just showing that with a lot of creativitiy and helping hands you can create the most amazing personalized decor!

Herewith these two love-bird’s day:

Tersius and Nanine both work at the same company – these two met at an Induction day held by their company when Tersius accidently kicked a football into Nanine’s face. Like Nanine says it was a nose breaker not an ice breaker that got these two together… initially there where no sparks… but the more they spent time together…. the more these liked each other and in Nanines words: “The rest is history”


Every Groomsmen received this little gift: A box with their “tie” and breast pin, a flask containing something to warm the spirit and a cigar! 


As these two work long hours they have little spare time… they planned a road trip to the Drakensberge as Nanine has never been there… on the Saturday on their road trip Tersius acted very strange as he was consumed with searching for picnic spots…. Nanine found this quite strange as they where driving around aimlessly… not stopping to do some sight-seeing… finally Tersius stopped at Cathedral Peak and surprised Nanine with a packed picnic… They climbed high up on a mountain with a breathtaking view… as Nanine puts it: I was chewing on a liver pate biscuit as he bent down on one knee…. when I realized what is happening I spat out the half chewed biscuit…. not very “romantic”… we both started laughing… he asked and I said yes!



I have three…. When my dad saw me the first time…. when the doors of the church opened and my first dance as Mr and Mrs. Smit.



Choose a theme that suits you as a couple… stay true to yourselves. The most expensive wedding is not always the most fun… there are ways to do things more cost effectively



My wedding day was like a dream come true…. it was everything I looked forward to and everything I hoped for.  It was so lovely to take my time and get ready with my girls while I am just soaking everything in. I had butterflies in my stomach as everyone started dressing around me…. and the the picture of our day was slowly unfolding…. To see my dad for the first time that day was so amazing as I knew he was so proud… As the doors in the church openend and I saw Tersius for the first time I knew – We are Blessed. This was my biggest goosebump moment of the day… and my haert was filled with excitement and joy all over again.  After all the formalities where open we could just spend time with the people we love… It might have been the coldest day of the whole winter… but the hall was filled with warmth and love.  The best day of my life by far – one that I will always remember.

Photography By: Isabel Pieterse

Photographic Assistant:  Anel Steenkamp – Given Moments Photography


FLOWERS:  Jorine BOtha – Party Pimps

DECOR: Jorine BOtha

PASTOR: Ernst Breedt

CAKE: Elizma Huysamen

MC Pieter Cronje

WEDDING DRESS: Ivory Lace Bridal


STATIONERY: Jorine Botha

SOUND & DJ: Blast Entertainmet



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