Matric Farewell – Anthony, Josh, Heather and Elrin

I had the privileged of photographing Anthony’s sisters wedding a few years ago – it is still one of my favourite weddings of all time. I was so delighted to be part of a special event for this amazing family once again – this time it was for their youngest son Anthony’s matric farewell. I had such a fun time photographing this bunch – it made me think of my own matric farewell dance – it feels like yesterday… youth is such a precious gift. I remember my parents telling me to enjoy my youth because it is fleeting – and their words where so true! To this gorgeous group of people – Anthony, Josh, Heather and Elrin – you guys are so young and beautiful –  your life and dreams are ahead of you! May you enjoy the ride of being an adult and find and fulfill your purpose in life with joy and happiness.

Shoot Location:  Big Red Barn

Matric Dance of: Cornwall Hill College

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