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Anneli & Adriaan se liefde het begin blom toe hulle op universiteit is… en daarom het die Universiteit van Pretoria (UP) vir die twee spesiale betekenis.. dis ook waarom hulle besluit het om hulle fotosessie te doen by die Universiteit… die twee het so ‘n diepe konneksie… hulle is definitief bedoel vir mekaar…. en al wat hulle die heeltyd doen is om mekaar te  laat lag en giggel… dis sooooo mooi om te sien! Ek moet bieg ek het die foto’s al in November geneem… en so bietjie vergeet om hulle op my webtuiste te sit…maar hoe kan ek die wereld weerhou van die twee se magnetiese liefde?



Couples Photography Pretoria- Engagement Shoot – La Bella Photography

Jason and Melissa originally booked me to photograph their wedding at a different venue on a different date… then they contacted me and asked if they could move their date – who would say no to such a gorgeous couple? For me that meant I had a weekend with two weddings in a row – I never ever do two weddings on a weekend… call me lazy… but for these two people I just had to pull up my socks and do it.  They chose an amazing boutique venue Castello Del Monte to host their intimate wedding. This place is just beautiful. From their beautiful Roman Plaster walls, Italian architechture,  finely manicured gardens, royal bedrooms to the amazing view over Pretoria – this place is spotless and the perfect place to do your I DO’s. (Or maybe spend a romantic evening to celebrate your anniversary… wink wink – hope my husband reads this 😉

The groom’ family is Irish, and when you marry an Irish boy you do not get a normal wedding ring, nope, you get a Claddagh ring (I just googled that)… Clasp hands in Roman times where seen as a symbol of pledging vows, if you want to read more about a Claddagh ring… well… click here…. otherwise back to Jason and Melissa’s wedding pictures! 


Melissa’s bridal preparation suite was in all honesty the busiest bridal room I have ever had – everyone was so excited to share the day with them – every few minutes there would be a new face popping through the door wishing her well, super excited kids running in and out and happily emotional parents trying to keep their composure. Every now and then there would be a moment of calmness and this is where I would try and sneek a few pics in.  The whole week leading up to the wedding it was raining every day, constantly… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… and then on Satruday – the best weather any bride could ask for! And Melissa could have her outdoor ceremony!


You have to believe me when I tell you: This was the most delicious wedding cake ever! Head over to Belle’s Patisserie – they know what they are doing!

I am a very emotional person… I would like to think that I am in touch with my emotions and those of others… and while Jason was professing his love to Mellissa I felt a lump in my throat… I was struggling to “stay professional” (don’t cry, don’t cry)…. but as I looked around I saw that there was almost no dry eye in the room… to me it was like a license to just let go of “staying professional”… and yes…tears rolled down my cheecks… Jason’s speech was so heart felt… with no pretense… so filled with emotion – Jason you might have shed one tear while giving your speech… the rest of the room including me shed quite a few!

…. I think I might be hungry… I don’t normally post food pictures… but these just look so yummy…


VENUE & CATERING: Castello Di Monte







PASTOR: LIGHUIS – DAWIE 079 948 9000




It was a gorgeous, and cold winter afternoon when we went off to shoot this beautiful mom to be! Bonita was like any other pregnant mommy-to-be – not feeling beautiful – with only a week to go before Skyelers due date… but I think that Bonita is such a beautiful person – inside and out, and she was certainly one of the most beautiful pregnant mommies I have encountered! Jaco and Bonita – you guys are going to be awesome parents! I cannot wait to meet little Skyeler – and kiss his feet (yes I Loooooove baby feet!). Bonita I hope that with these pics you realise just how beautiful you are!

Photographer: Isabel Pieterse

Assistant: Andries Pieterse

Maternity Shoot Location: Heidelberg, Gauteng